Cartonnage Works

Spanish Paper Box

#219 Cartonnage box with Spanish paper
#219 Cartonnage box with Spanish paper

I met this beautiful pepar in the paper shop "RAIMA", which is in Barcelona, Spain. Hexagonal shape patterns with flowers are combined. Each of them is different , colorful and attractive. They contains fusion of eastan and westan culture patterns. 


The box is applied varnish to the surface to avoid stain.


Candy Boxes with the U.S.A cotton

Candy Box_#183-184 ©Atelier Z=Grace
Candy Box_#183-184 ©Atelier Z=Grace

These boxes are sold as interior items. They are displayed at a hair-salon "Canopus" in Machida city, Tokyo!


[Fabric] Cotton   [Use] Candy Box

[Size] 7.6x7.6cm square 

TENUGUI fabric box of the "Ozwald"

CD size box with "Oswald"/Box making #144 ©Atelier Z=Grace
CD size box with "Oswald"/Box making #144 ©Atelier Z=Grace

Micky Mouse...? No, he is Oswald!

This box is made for a 110th birth of Walt Disney.

The character is a Oswald, as known as the main character in the "Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, 1927".


[Fabric] Handy cotton towel with Disney character pattern

[Use] CDs/books box (Home use only)

[Size] L:12.5cm W:16.2cm H:14.7cm


Hexagonal Box for the Mother's Day

Hexisagonal Box (Carnation Flowers) #142©Atelier Z=Grace
Hexisagonal Box (Carnation Flowers) #142©Atelier Z=Grace

This box is made for the Mother's Day.


Hexagonal Box made with Carnation flower pattern fabric.


The color combination, blue black and the silver flinge make it more elegant. 


【SIZE】Diameter:17.6cm Height:11.0cm  

 (Inside) Diameter:15.3cm Height:9.7cm



Fablic Box of the Elephants in Thailand

Elephants in Thailand_#138 ©Atelier Z=Grace
Elephants in Thailand_#138

It is made with cotton fabric made in Thailand.

Colorful elephants are so cute! There are a pair of golden rings on both sides of the box, which make the box is more gorgeous.   


It is useful as starage for your music collections. This box is desighned as right size for CD cases, so you can put 16-17 CDs in this box.



【SIZE】 L:14.6cm, W:18.2cm, H:16.5cm 



Photo album made with TENUGUI

Album Cover made with Japanese TENUGUI towel ©Atelier Z=Grace
Album Cover made with Japanese TENUGUI towel

 Special Works 


Supporting Recovery

  from 3.11

Great Earthquake and TSUNAMI

in North-East JAPAN



 They are book-style photo album cover made with TENUGUI cloths.


TENUGUI is a traditional and casual cotton towel in Japan. Especially, this TENUGUI cloths are made in a local shop in Sendai City, Miyagi prefecture.

  This area has been damaged at that time seriously, but now almost of the people are moving to the future with hope. 


 Consuming local items and introduce them will be some help for the people.  


Small Macaroon boxes

A pair of small macaloonboxes/#116/Cartonnage©Atelier Z=Grace
A pair of small macaloonboxes/#116/Cartonnage

      A pair of the small macaloon boxes made with the "LIBERTY" fabric. The LIBERTY is a fabric company in the U.K..


     The form is like a sweet macalloon, because it contains quilting cotton in under the fabric. Touch it and enjoy the soft surface.


     There are frictions between the top and lower box. Therefore, it keeps the boxes closed.


【size】diameter:5.6cm, hight:3.7cm  【weight】25g x2