Cartonnage Boxes Gallery

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Photo Gallery

Boxes Collections made with Liberty fabric

There are many boxes and some sundry goods made with the LIBERTY fabric, from the U.K.. The LIBERTY has many frolal print patterns.


From left 1st line;

1. The Moleskine note cover  2. Pages of the notebook
3-4. Small Malaloon box, spring flolal LIBERTY pattarn.
5. Treasure Box
6-7. Small Malaloon box, autumn flolal LIBERTY pattarn.

8-10. Card case
11-12. Mini-photo holder


Japanese Collection

These are boxes or sundries made with Japanese fabric. Some fabrics are antique/used of Japanese traditional wear, the KIMONO. Some are made with Japanese paper called the WASHI.


From left 1st line;

1. Round box  "Silk Road" 

2. Octagonal box "Japanese Garden in Spring"
3. Magic box  (double decker) made with antique KIMONO fabric, silk.

4-5. Treasure box  made with antique KIMONO fabric, "OHSHIMA TSUMUGI".
  *OHSHIMA TSUMUGI is a traditional and local fabric made in Amami-Ohshima islands. These islands are in Southern sea in Kagoshima prefecture. 

6-7. Small Malaloon box, 1920's retro design.

8. Square box "Sakura in Bloom"

9-10. Electric Dictinary case "Autumn Flower, Black and Gold". Made with antique KIMONO fabric, silk

11.Book cover "SANKUZUSHI". Made with Japanese hand cotton towl, TEBUGUI.

12. Small round boxes made with WASHI (Japanese papers).