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 Here is a website displays site owner's handi-craft works called "Cartonnage".


     Cartonnage works is a craft started in 16C France originally. It means making boxes with carton, the hard paper, and many kinds of fabrics (cotton, silk, nyron or etc...)


     The purposes of this website are following:

  • Displaying my works
  • Introducing tools used with Catonnage box making.
  • Posting manuals of "How to make Cartonnage box".   

Our concept

  • Making boxes with fabrics and papers come from around the world!!
  • Making boxes and small stuffs for daily use.
  • Making new forms,  pattern, design and values.

★☆★ Other English pages are under construction now.★☆★


     Thank you for coming!!

     Now we are doing our best for preparing English pages.

     Please visit again in spring and enjoy the contents.


     We are looking forward to your next visit.

     Thank you for your regard.

by The Catonnage creator Z=Grace